Giochipark Mushrooms Patagonia | 922

n6 wooden posts; n6 circular platforms.

Technical Data

Mushrooms Patagonia Outside Playset.
Certificate in accordance with European Standards EN 1176 by ​​the German TV - SD.
The elements which make up are: N6 posts in northern pine autoclave treated with non-toxic salts sect. 9x9 cm-ground height increasing n. 6 25 cm circular platforms made ​​of phenolic-glued birch plywood, with non-slip ribbing, finished with colored films.
The assembly takes place by galvanized steel screws.

  • Weight Max: kg 5
  • Length Max: 130 cm
  • Assembly Time: 0,5 h
  • Fall Height: 80 cm
  • Age: 8-12 years old
  • Overall Dimension: 385x230x80 h cm
  • Number of Users: 3
  • Space Min: 750x530 cm
  • Impact area: 37,00 mq


Technical description:
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