Giochipark Seesaw Nebraska | 811

Swinging girder with two chairs, provided with two tyres.

Technical Data

Wooden seesaw Nebraska.
Certificate in accordance with European Standards EN 1176 by ​​the German TÜV - SÜD.
Made entirely with wooden poles of laminated pine. Beam swinging oval 10 x 16 cm, equipped with four chairs with handles made ​​of tubular galvanized steel and paint oven to 180 ° C. Main stand in hot dip galvanized steel with oscillating system through robust mechanism to focus and Teflon bearings assembled in two vertical poles of the same kind of beam. Complete with two tires on the ground. Assembled by 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and nuts. Elements covernut under colored nylon.

  • Weight Max: kg 25
  • Length Max: 400 cm
  • Assembly Time: 1 h
  • Fall Height: 98 cm
  • Age: 3-12 years old
  • Overall Dimension: 400x42x85 h cm
  • Number of Users: 4
  • Space Min: 650x275 cm
  • Impact area: 18,00 mq


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