Giochipark Balancer Norman | 855

n1 central axis; n2 seal swing.

Technical Data

Swing balancer Norman.
Certificate in accordance with European Standards EN 1176 by ​​the German TV - SD.
Made entirely of galvanized steel pipes. The structure consists of a pillar made ​​of galvanized steel in an oven at 180C with a diameter of 12 cm and fixed to the ground by attack from the ground. The cantilever is made of painted galvanized steel pipe in the oven at 180C 3 cm in diameter, these two extremes are fixed on the gaming station consisting of circular seats and rubber bumper with internal aluminum profile with hanging chains meshed in galvanized steel. The oscillating system consists of a strong central axis with Teflon bearings. Assembled by 8.8 galvanized steel bolts with locknuts. Elements covernut under colored nylon.

  • Weight Max: kg 27
  • Length Max: 305 cm
  • Assembly Time: 1 h
  • Fall Height: 115 cm
  • Age: 3-8 years old
  • Overall Dimension: 355x33x305 h cm
  • Number of Users: 2
  • Space Min: 900x450 cm
  • Impact area: 41,00 mq


Technical description:
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