Giochipark Springer Caterpillar in fibreglass | 282

Springer in fibreglass; caterpillar shaped springer.

Technical Data

Playground springer in fibreglass Caterpillar.
Certified according to European Standard EN 1176 by TÜV - SÜD.
Made of fibreglass composed by different layers in high density resin and metallic frame for the inner reinforcement. Finished with decorative, hand-made drawings. Provided with handles and foot rest in coloured nylon. The structure is fixed on a steel spring varnished in a kiln, homologated and with anti-finger-cracking system. Assembled by zinc plated steel bolts 8.8 and self-locking nuts. Nut covering elements in coloured nylon according to the standards. Varnished in a kiln at 180°C.

  • Weight Max: kg 12
  • Length Max: 70 cm
  • Assembly Time: 0,5 h
  • Fall Height: 65 cm
  • Age: 3-8 years old
  • Overall Dimension: 70x53x95 h cm
  • Number of Users: 1
  • Space Min: 300x300 cm
  • Impact area: 9,00 mq


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