Giochipark Moderna Bench | 510

n2 wood supports; n4 seat boards; n2 back boards.

Technical Data

Outdoor Bench Moderna.
Made of northern pine impregnated in autoclave with non-toxic salts. Length cm.190. Structure composed by two assembled supports in rectangular section wood. Back composed by two boards section mm 110x45. Seat composed by 4 boards section mm 90x45. Everything is assembled by zinc plated steel bolts. The bench is supplied with an assembly kit. Weight kg 34; Seat height cm 48.
Overall dimensions: cm. 190 x 50 x 80 h.

  • Weight Max: kg 16
  • Length Max: 190 cm
  • Assembly Time: 1 h
  • Seat Height: 48 cm
  • Footprint Max: 190x50x80 h cm

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